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South America - summer 2014

February 2014: The big day has arrived! Departure for the unknown: Patagonia. The idea being not to hurry ... going up north and follow the good temperatures. Should we be fast enough to escape the winter!

3 Jul 2014

 Passage to Chile ... re-learning of Spanish requires and discovery of an extraordinary people

After this brief incursion into Bolivia and Peru, it is time to return to prepare t...

4 May 2014

Arrival in Bariloche! My strand of travel, "Nick" and I, find Marco who owns a van and there Biiiim! Change of destiny we leave with him and miss Fiona, continue the fantastic r...

31 Mar 2014

To leave alone, without return ticket, without knowing where to arrive, without anticipation of course, without prejudices, without worries, free ... a dream ...

The dream of goi...

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