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Siurana... Here we are !

October 15, 2016

Here the trip all comes together in  ... Siurana! As we enter the valley and we are all excited about the sight of this welcoming cliff ...


This is just the beginning! After going to look for food in the charming village of Cornudella de Monsant, we start the final approach to the medieval town famed for its ruined castle, its tranquility, its incredible panoramic views, and of course its amazing cliffs. The sharp curved canyon is orange limestone that offers a variety of walls perfect for climbing. Every meter traveled further into the valley is exciting and brings good vibes for the upcoming climbing adventures of the KTL team at the foot of these vertical wonders ...

The entire limestone layer is situated on top of an immense layer of red conglomerate reminiscent of Mars


After a night in parking lot n ° 1 and a morning to drink maté, we immerse ourselves in the green forest to get a better view of the walls ... and we are not disappointed!

The heat of the sun leads to the selection of crags in the shade ... Siurana's reputation is confirmed in each climbing route ... Everything requires an improbable choreography that makes every climb, a trip, a dance. The climbing is a course on precarious balance, and static controlled movement


Once our fingers are exhausted, we return to camp where we enjoy a good traditional aperitif accompanied by music played on the guitar. It is with great excitment that we rest for tomorrow ... We are going to go to the great 40m totem that caught our attention the day before: El Cargol.


On our third day, some clouds offer us the opportunity to discover the south facing crag "Siuranella Centro". We met a Chilean couple at the crag: Pilar and Agustín. A day filled with mate and climbing!


We take advantage of this meeting to expand the circle. We join our camps and share information on the area. We learn of the existence of a beautiful viewpoint not far from the campsite. We go and watch a beautiful sunset with other people from the campsite. We socialize and meet Manu, an Argentine traveling alone, who joins the group ... The next day is a rest day so we plan to organize a barbecue with the whole group in the little town of Siurana which is on top of the cliffs  Only Agustín and Pyd are motivated to climb at the end of the day in an area below the village.  The discover a beautiful 6b + crack... #KTL!

The Barbecue turned into a party which turned into a delirious evening.. This did not please the park rangers who came to see us the next day at noon. They informed us"it is forbidden to make a fire here!" We decide to play dumb -"Sorry, we did not know ... Let's sort everything out!" We clean all traces of yesterdays fire and the ranger ease off.


The days are going by quick and various crags as well ... The climbing is incredible here ... This work of Pachamama(mother earth) fills us with the best vibrations. It's a magic place! One day, we wander over to the nearby climbing site: Margalef. But the famed sites falls short of expectations. The conglomerate wears out our fingers, which were already  strained in Siurana,  discouraging us from staying longer ...


We go to another site not far from Siurana: Arbolí ... Joined by a friend of Yoel - "El Garça" - we discover a orange limestone layer of cliffs well suited for a last vertical session of this "KTL Summer Rock Trip" . It is time to end this trip that lasted 5 months!


An unforgettable experience with incredible encounters, dizzying adventures and good drinks ... In other words, Kip our life well during this expedition. And we can not wait for future trips!


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Click here to see on Youtube : Teaser - KTL en Siurana


¡ See you soon for more adventures !



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Escalader avec une caméra 360 : Into The Andes ► Episod #5

Into The Andes ► Episod #4 - Boulder au Cajon del Maipo

Into The Andes ► Episod #3 - Torrecillas

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