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Flash Back Tour before Spain

September 15, 2016

Now there are six members to this dream team: Ivana, Cedric, Francisco, Katya, Juan and Pyd.  ​​Going to Spain is sort of a "Flash Back" trip, which consists of returning to the our favorite spectacular climbing sites and introducing them to the new members of the team.


After driving a few hours, the night falls, and we stop right after crossing the border ... We are back in France! It's midnight, we're not very hungry after the "apéro", but we still send some mega-burgers, leaving us bloated and inflated for hours. 

A good night and we are gone! The convoy aims itself towards Verdon, but on the way we see the beautiful lake Serra Poncon. The team decides to stop and we take a little swim to get out of the heat. Some of the team even get a good session on the  Hobie Cat 16  (a small sporty catamaran) while ever one else swims and and naps.


We had planed to climbed en Annot, but the timing was not working out. The principle goal has been to go and dance at the 

"Endemik Festival". We park the van atop an overlook of the gorge. Tomorrow to climb a bit in the morning and to dance at night. 


In the evening we find slacl line friend in an area called "Sordidon". There are many shaded three to four pitch climbs in the area. Perfect.


In the parking lot of the Sordidon, we are getting ready to leave when Etienne and Mimi join us by chance. A good opportunity to start cooking and goofing around. Within 30 minutes we are bouldering on the vans and trucks.

Now we're hot ... going to the party!

 "Endemik Festival" with the live band: "Raspigaous"

It was a memorable night! Both for the good music and for the crazy environment! The only bad was when Cédric twisted his ankle! The next day is a rest day for all the team. We cool off near a stream called "Baou".


The next day, Cédric, wounded, remains on Verdon's edge, unable to come with us to the Hulk sector.


We returned exhausted from the Hulk cave ... the columnar rock cuts our knuckles! Happily we decided to continue our "Flash Back Trip" and move on to the cliff of Venasque so that Francisco, Juan and Katya can discover this incredible "natural climbing room". Cedric still cant climb.

We arrive late to the cliff and its dark ... but that does not stop us! We turn on some led lights and ... it is enough to illuminate  one route! LEDs and headlights we all try  "Petite Marie" (7a) and "Misanthropie Therapeutic" (7b +). Climbing is paired with drinks and music!

A little drink, a bit of darkness, good music ... a good mix  that help with the fear of falling. A fun and experimental night. 


We continue with the "Flash Back Discovery Tour" when we move to Les Baux de Provence to have breakfast on top of the secret tower. Out firned Carlito joins us for the occasion!

We continue with a trip to the Calanques de Marseille to take a nap on the beach and then make an ascent of the "Spire of Sugiton".


What a day. We find rest in the "beautiful" parking lot of Luminy University. Here we start a mini party for Ivana's last night in the continent ... tomorrow it's time for her to return to Argentina.


Here we are three ... but not for long! We go to the house of Doune and her boyfriend who organize a vegetarian barbecue. Perfect opportunity to conserve energy for next day's session of sport climbing at the "Baou de l'Aigle", - a magnificent limestone sheet that is ideal to climb in the shade.

We do not take photographs that day, so here is a presentation with Google Maps that reveals the potential of this place.


It's September and the heat wave continues to burn in the south of France! To climb Cap Canaille, you will require an early start. That early starts combines very well with the "Beach evenings". So we are in La Ciotat for a few days to delight in this sector of world-class climbing with the KTL team reinforced by Florence who has returned from Chamonix.


What joy!!! On the way to the daily siesta on the beach  we meet locals who invite us to a pizza party ... everything perfect! Except for Pyd who breaks his ankle while walking ... on the "lawn"!



We finished this episode of Flash Back with some deep water soloing at "Trou du diable", an excellent hidden corner of "the calanque de Figuerolles" that offers a steep overhang and clean spashdown.






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Escalader avec une caméra 360 : Into The Andes ► Episod #5

Into The Andes ► Episod #4 - Boulder au Cajon del Maipo

Into The Andes ► Episod #3 - Torrecillas

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