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▼Next Rock Trip will happen in South America▼


THE PROJECT : The KTL Rock Trip team launches a climbing expedition of the most beautiful cliffs and mountains in the Andes Mountains. This expedition will reveal landscapes and cultures of South America in a vertiginous atmosphere. Our troop of climbers will evolve throughout the expedition with a CamperVan and will regularly publish original adventures via their movies, photos, and blog.    


With their climbing experiences around the world the members of the team from all over the world have a very good knowledge of the site  and all the skills needed to make the project a reality.


An itinerary of about 20,000 km crossing 6 countries: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It will begin during the austral summer around November 2018 and will last 12 months.

OBJECTIVE : To share the cultural riches and incredible landscapes of the Andes with the eyes of the world. Promote the rise of climbing in South America and open new climbing routes. Transcribe the unique atmosphere and state of mind that we encounter on this continent while climbing its incredible and endless mountain ranges. Create a detailed and fun topo guide book grouping the best climbing routes of the Andes.

ITINERARY : In order to combine the seasons that are conducive to the practice of climbing over the whole of the Andean Cordillera, we have determined a route in adequacy with the southern hemisphere. The adventure will begin in the spring of 2018 for a planned duration of 12 months (see detailed itinerary). Listeners will be able to follow the expedition through social networks and partners will be visible throughout the course.    

THE MEANS : The project is doable with the finances of the participants . Expenses for the expedition consist of the purchase of a minibus, climbing and imaging equipment, fuel, food and other essential supplies necessary for the completion of the expedition.

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